Sunday, September 21, 2008


I have had the great pleasure to be in contact with a wonderful woman, Hilary Abbott, who has been able to send me so many products to review. She has introduced me to the GREENGUARD Certification program. I wanted to try and sum up her words, but she tells it best.

"Children spend about 85 percent of their time indoors, where the air is
two to five times more polluted than the outdoor air. As a result, they face
long-term health risks due to indoor air pollution. The source for these
pollutants come from a variety of products in our homes and schools such as
furnishings, flooring, electronics, window treatments, mattresses, cleaners and

With increasing concern over pollutants and their impact on
children’s health, the GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certification Program
offers a solution to parents concerned about the indoor air quality of their
homes and in their children’s schools. The GREENGUARD Children
& Schools standard is overseen by the GREENGUARD
Environmental Institute (GEI), an industry independent, non-profit organization.
The Institute’s mission is to improve human health and quality of life through
programs that improve indoor air, tests and certifies indoor products based on
strict chemical emissions criteria.

Children & Schools certification mark can be found on more than 110,000
products produced by over 100 manufacturers.

Given the growing awareness
of harm from indoor air pollutants, the GREENGUARD certification program is likely to be of interest to your readers. "

If you visit the GREENGUARD website, you can search for products that are certified. There are so many, and they must be tested annually! I am so happy that this non-profit organization is gaining recognition and that more and more products are becoming certified. You can also check out the different certification programs they have here.

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