Saturday, September 20, 2008

Organic Dreamsie by Kiddopotamus

When my little one was first born, I loved putting her in those sleeper bags for bedtime. I was comforted by the fact that even though we were not using blankets, she was kept warm in her little sleeper bag. That is just how our reviewer felt about the Dreamsie by Kiddopotamus.

The Dreamsie, by Kiddopotamus is an organic sleeper bag that comes with an adorable sleep cap. It is made from 100% certified Organic Cotton. Everyone knows how I feel about Organic products, so this item couldn't make me happier! This Organic Cotton Knit is ideal for your little one's sensitive skin.

It is a great alternative to blankets, when you know that blankets are big "no no" but you want to keep your little one warm during the night. It is safer than loose bedding and keeps your baby safely covered and cozy.

The Dreamsie even makes for easy diaper changes, with its' full length zipper. Don't worry, the zipper has a cute little star tab that closes over it at the top to keep the zipper from poking your little one!

Kiddopotamus products can be found at Babies R Us and Target. You can get the Dreamsie for "a well worth it" price of $24.99.

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