Friday, September 26, 2008

Infant Cruizer

I know that everyone out there struggles with carrying their infant carrier. It can be so heavy and awkward, especially when you have your diaper bag. GoGo Babyz has come up with an innovative, safe and functional Infant Cruizer.

It is great, I love it and wish I had it 11 months ago when my little one was born. Everywhere I went with this I was asked where I got it! Your infant carseat clicks right in and off you go! It has all terrain, airless tires and maneuvers so well. The convenience of the Infant Cruizer is unbelievable. It folds up so you can put it in your trunk and unfolds again with ease. You only need one hand to fold, unfold and click your baby right in, you can take it anywhere! This product grows with your child as well. You can buy a toddler seat adapter for the Infant Cruizer. This is great for air travel. When you have bought a seat for your toddler and want him to be safe in the seat, but lugging that big car seat around is such a hassle. The Cruizer takes care of that, just click and push away, right to the gate! This great product is also JPMA certified.

I do wish it was not as expensive though. At $149 it may not be affordable enough for most parents. However, if you plan to purchase the toddler adapter later on, it may prove to be a great investment. Another issue that I had with this was that it was so low to the ground. I often brought it with me to the grocery store when I just needed to run in. I was very worried that someone would not see my little one and run right into her with their cart!

Overall, I think this is a wonderful product and would strongly recommend it!


Sophie said...

I purchased the Infant Cruizer AT to use with my Peg Perego Viaggio infant seat. My daughter is 8 weeks old and this product is a blessing!

A good friend told me about it after I complained about using a big bulky stroller I received as a shower gift. The stroller was hard to fold, heavy to lift in and out of the trunk and took up too much room! I read some reviews on the Infant Cruizer and decided to take the plunge and purchase it.

I did not mind spending $149.00 because I will be purchasing the toddler adaptor when I decide on a convertible seat down the road, so the Infant Cruizer will be with me for a long time!

After one use, I took my big bulky stroller and stuck in the garage, which is still sitting in there!

The Infant Cruizer is light, compact and very easy to handle. I am tickled pink at how effortless it is to transport my daughter with her infant seat. Your arms and back don't ache anymore!

I use it every day and on every trip to the store, doctor, restaurants and even walks!

My husband even uses it! Thank you Go-Go Babyz!

MyLittleGuppie said...

Great! I am so happy to hear that others enjoy this product as much as I do. When you are looking for your convertible car seat, check out my review on the Evenflo Triumph Advance. I will also be posting another review of a brand new Evenflo convertible car seat in about a month and a half!

Have fun with your little one :)

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