Monday, September 1, 2008

Indie by Bumbleride

I am one of those moms that is crazy for strollers (and diaper bags). Even though I can only push my daughter in one stroller at a time, I would own 12 if I could. And of course, they have to be the chicest stroller around. I had the pleasure of testing out the stylish Indie stroller by Bumbleride. I had the limited edition with fabric designed by the artist Bwana. For 3 months, my little one got a smooth and comfortable ride in this great attention getter, with its colorful and fun graphics. I definitely felt that the Indie was extremely easy to push and manuevered quite well. With the provided directions, it was a breeze to put together. The great features are:

  • the front wheel swivels 360 degrees or can lock in position for joggers

  • includes an air pump, foot muff and cup holder

  • handle bar adjusts to accomodate the taller or shorter parents

  • all the fabric is removalbe and washable

  • large basket below

  • fits a child up to 45 lbs

  • car seat ready, it includes a car seat adapter for many car seats

  • 5 point adjustable harness

  • zip off canopy

  • 4 position reclining back rest

I am sad to send this stroller back, however, there were several things that I felt could be improved upon. The Indie is listed as being a "mere 20lbs." To me, that is very heavy! I felt that this stroller was too heavy to be traveling with. I won't go into my trip downtown on the train with my daughter, diaper bag, car seat and the 20lb stroller! It is listed as a jogging stroller, however, I would not jog with it. Even with the front wheel locked it did not seem stable. I love strollers that have the reclining backrest. The Indie did have this, however, it was very hard to release and re-position. Finally, I have been using this stroller for 3 months, taking it everywhere with me (since it is so stylish) and I still can not figure out how to fold it. It takes me a lot of time (and words that should not be repeated) to finally figure out how to fold it!

Overall, I felt that there were way more advantages than drawbacks to this stroller and would recommend it to others (but keep your folding directions handy).

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